First-time LFS book reader beeing stuck

Richard Szlachta richard.szlachta at
Thu Aug 17 13:08:42 PDT 2006

As Vladimir Pavlov has asked for few details about my problem, here they are:

Actually, ls -l /mnt/data/tools says it is nor file nor directory. I must have 
misunderstood something in the book.
To explain strange /data link on my machine - i have it to shorter paths to 
files on second partition. (it has no function over this, maybe confusing of 
people, but thats not a good function :-D )
I have placed tools on /tools, where / is filesys root of system (debian) i am 
currently running.
So, if i 'mv /tools /mnt/data' will it be right thing to do?

> > root at fireball:/data#: file /data
> > /data: symbolic link to `/mnt/data'
> Very strange... /data link seems useless. Do you understand /tools
> should also be a symbolic link to /mnt/data/tools in your case? What
> about "ls -l /mnt/data/tools"?

Cat command you wanted me to produced zero output. So i tired file and 
discovered it is link to `'. Cat of this was also zero-length, 
so i again used file and got "/tools/lib/ empty".
Any idea what to fill inside?

> Look through /tools/lib/ and give please the output of
> "cat /tools/lib/" if it's a text file, not binary.

I must have made big typo ... i have always in mind i want /usr/bin/chroot.

> BTW do _not_ use chroot since in the latter case you tried to
> execute /tools/bin/chroot instead of /usr/bin/chroot. Always
> run /usr/bin/chroot.

Hope to hear from you soon...

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