LFS 6.1.1: umount: /mnt/lfs: device is busy

Shane D. Johnson SDJ at RasmussenEquipment.com
Fri Aug 11 11:35:59 PDT 2006

Couple of possibilities....
You are in one of the directories or subdirectories (use pwd to find out 
what directory you are in)
you have a window from the host open in one of the directories.
If you are in the su enviroment for building that would cause it to be 
locked up as well.


Angel Tsankov wrote:
>>> Why can't I unmount /$LFS?
>> If you have another terminal open and are in
>> a dir on ${LFS} then it will be 'busy' and
>> you will get this error.
> No, I do not have any other terminal open. Other ideas?

Thank you,
Shane D. Johnson 
IT Administrator
Rasmussen Equipment Company
sdj at rasmussenequipment.com

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