Ch.5.11: gcc-3.4.3 Pass 2; LFS-version 6.1.1

Michael Handschick delphinator at
Tue Aug 8 12:47:51 PDT 2006


after patching, building, preparation and compilation of the package gcc-3.4.3 I run 
make -k check.
everything is fine but not the

" === gcc tests==="

FAIL: gcc.dg/pch/common-1.c -O0 -g (test for excess errors)
FAIL: gcc.dg/pch/common-1.c .....................
.... and so on

it's always  path  gcc.dg/pch/....... (about 150x)

I found something at

There the answer was the kernel --> he used version 2.6.12.x
but I'm using the LFS-LiveCD as Host --> kernel

Regards Michael

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