LFS Version 6.2 - Binutils-2.16.1 - Pass 1 - compilation fails

Mag. Leonhard Landrock 1977-Hamlet at gmx.at
Mon Aug 7 11:08:10 PDT 2006

Am Montag, 7. August 2006 01:32 schrieb Brandon Peirce:
> On Sun, 6 Aug 2006, Mag. Leonhard Landrock wrote:
> >Am Sonntag, 6. August 2006 16:52 schrieb Mag. Leonhard Landrock:
> > > I did some simple investigation based on what Dan Nicholson told in his
> > > e-mail. It definitely looks as if the binutils package tries to use the
> >
> >gcc
> >
> > > compiler of "GCC-4.0.3 - Pass 1".
> > >
> > > -> I'll take a try to clean up the "tools" directory.
> > >
> > > Leonhard.
> >
> >I removed the little content of the "tools" directory and then it worked
> >again.
> If you're starting again from the beginning, you should _definitely_ be
> starting
> with a clean /tools dir!!!  Once you can get it working and you return to
> scripting it, begin your script with the cleanup, i.e. something like
> rm -rf $LFS/tools
> mkdir $LFS/tools

That's exactly what I did. :-)

> Actually you should be cleaning the _entire_ contents of $LFS, not just
> tools.
> If it's a separate partition as recommended, you may consider simply
> reformatting the partition with mke2fs (or whichever fs you use).

OK. Thanks for that hint.

> The whole point of ch 5, and the foundation of the LFS approach is to
> create _clean_ toolchain with known versions, over which you have full
> control, and which is as isolated (read unpolluted!) as possible from the
> quirks of the host system you use. As stated in the Toolchain Technical
> Notes:
> "The overall goal of Chapter 5 is to provide a temporary environment ...
> from which can be produced a clean, trouble-free build of the target LFS
> system in Chapter 6. Along the way, we separate the new system from the
> host system as much as possible, and in doing so, build a self-contained
> and self-hosted toolchain."
> You definitely will not successfully achieve that by mixing your new build
> with leftovers of last month's failed build!

This is a misunderstanding at your side. I took a fresh start for the now 
stable LFS book Version 6.2. In fact, for the new start I did a format of the 
LFS partition. :-)

> I should also emphasise what 
> is said in the book about using versions that are tested and known to
> work together. LFS 6.1.1 used GCC 3.4.3 and LFS 6.2 uses GCC 4.0.3.
> So if you had 4.0.1 in your previous attempt, you were either following
> the development version of the time, or using the wrong package
> versions with the stable version

Sorry, can't see why you talk about gcc 4.0.1.

> --either way, asking for trouble. 
> Please do yourself (and others) a favour and follow a stable version of
> LFS with the correct package versions.

That is what I do. :-)

Finaly, I want to use this mail to give a thanks to all of the "LFS support 

Kind regards,

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