LFS Version 6.2 - Binutils-2.16.1 - Pass 1 - compilation fails

Randy McMurchy lfs-user at mcmurchy.com
Sat Aug 5 07:18:02 PDT 2006

Mag. Leonhard Landrock wrote these words on 08/05/06 09:03 CST:

> I am writing some scripts for my LFS build.

I would abandon that effort until you know it works by simply
following the book. People asking for support on this list are
expected to be using the book, whether cut-and-paste or typing
the commands as shown in the book.

> Can anyone give me a hint, where the error might result from?

What happens if you simply issue the commands as shown in the book?

I'm not trying to criticize your effort of scripting, I have custom
scripts myself. What I'm suggesting is to show us the command you
use that fails, and the error message from the failure. Expecting
us to decipher all your script vars is a hassle. Just issue the
command as shown in the book and show us the result.


rmlscsi: [bogomips 1003.27] [GNU ld version 2.16.1] [gcc (GCC) 4.0.3]
[GNU C Library stable release version 2.3.6] [Linux i686]
09:11:01 up 3 days, 10:39, 1 user, load average: 0.22, 0.13, 0.08

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