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Why don't you ask in the binutils mailing list?

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On 8/1/06, dperkins at <dperkins at> wrote:
> > Joe Ciccone has been working on a sysrooted system for CLFS-2.0. It's
> > very much in development and not stable. Check it out here.
> >
> I'll do that.
> I tired --with-build-sysroot last night.  That seems to work quite well.
> Gcc compiled too, and it wouldn't when I used DESTDIR.  So I've learned
> something.  Now to see if this breaks anything downstream.
> > As for learning about the toolchain, the options are a bit daunting.
> > There isn't a lot of formal documentation. GCC is by far the best in
> > this area, even going so far as to document the internals of the
> > compiler. After that, really the best way to learn is reading the
> > source. If you don't know C, this can be tough, but a lot of times the
> > there are extensive comments. Grep is your friend. Again, GCC is the
> > best on the comments. Other than that, you've gotta go scour the
> > mailing lists and bugzillas for the respective packages. Here's a few
> > handy links.
> >
> I know C, so that isn't a problem.  I have most of the links you
> mentioned.  Thanks.
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