Compiling with MSYS

Shane D. Johnson SDJ at
Fri Aug 4 11:07:16 PDT 2006

I kind of ran into the same situation when I tried compiling GCC last 
night on MSYS/Mingw.  It failed due to the amount of Linux stuff missing 
from Msys so I abandoned it and migrated over to doing the CLFS off of a 
Linux host.

Thank you for you input.


Brandon Peirce wrote:
> veritosproject at wrote:
>> MSYS (or MinGW, almost same thing) has GCC.
>> On 8/3/06, Jaqui Greenlees <jaqui_greenlees at> wrote:
>>> --- "Shane D. Johnson" <SDJ at>
>>> wrote:
>>> > I found MSYS while I was investigating QEMU.   Has
>>> > anyone tried to use
>>> > it to compile LFS?
>>> >
>>> the Linux kernel actually requires gcc to build
>>> properly.
>>> so, even if MSYS will build everything else, you'll
>>> still need to build the kernel with gcc.
>>> Jaqui
> Shane, I think you need to first be clear what you hope to
> achieve by this. Are you trying to achieve some kind of
> UNIX-like environment running under Windoze, or are you
> trying to build a fully bootable GNU/Linux system compiled
> under Windoze?
> If the first, then you may want to rather check out Cygwin,
> (although it has one major security hole inherent in it's
> current design). Note also that the porting effort of the
> Cygwin project is also heavily used in Msys. And yes, I
> did say "porting", with all the implications thereof.
> If your aim is the second, I would suggest that it would
> be much easier to use the LFS live CD or any other
> Linux distro. Remember, Msys is designed towards building
> native Windoze executables, so IMO you would need to
> for some kind of cross-linker in your Msys env and you'd
> probably be doing CLFS not LFS.
> Either way, I don't expect it will work "out of the box".
> In my previous job, I was trying to set up an Internet-
> exposed SFTP server on a W2k server box. There's a
> really cool OpenSSH install package available, but based
> on Cygwin and I wasn't comfortable with that shared
> memory vulnerability. I had compiled and installed OpenSSSL
> and OpenSSH without problems under Linux, but when I tried
> under Msys.... I abandoned the project after 2 days.
> If that's any indication, compiling LFS under Msys will
> be BIG challenge.
> Brandon.
> on

Thank you,
Shane D. Johnson 
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