Compiling with MSYS

Brandon Peirce brandon_peirce at
Fri Aug 4 10:54:13 PDT 2006

veritosproject at wrote:
>MSYS (or MinGW, almost same thing) has GCC.
>On 8/3/06, Jaqui Greenlees <jaqui_greenlees at> wrote:
>>--- "Shane D. Johnson" <SDJ at>
>> > I found MSYS while I was investigating QEMU.   Has
>> > anyone tried to use
>> > it to compile LFS?
>> >
>>the Linux kernel actually requires gcc to build
>>so, even if MSYS will build everything else, you'll
>>still need to build the kernel with gcc.

Shane, I think you need to first be clear what you hope to
achieve by this. Are you trying to achieve some kind of
UNIX-like environment running under Windoze, or are you
trying to build a fully bootable GNU/Linux system compiled
under Windoze?

If the first, then you may want to rather check out Cygwin,
(although it has one major security hole inherent in it's
current design). Note also that the porting effort of the
Cygwin project is also heavily used in Msys. And yes, I
did say "porting", with all the implications thereof.

If your aim is the second, I would suggest that it would
be much easier to use the LFS live CD or any other
Linux distro. Remember, Msys is designed towards building
native Windoze executables, so IMO you would need to
for some kind of cross-linker in your Msys env and you'd
probably be doing CLFS not LFS.

Either way, I don't expect it will work "out of the box".
In my previous job, I was trying to set up an Internet-
exposed SFTP server on a W2k server box. There's a
really cool OpenSSH install package available, but based
on Cygwin and I wasn't comfortable with that shared
memory vulnerability. I had compiled and installed OpenSSSL
and OpenSSH without problems under Linux, but when I tried
under Msys.... I abandoned the project after 2 days.
If that's any indication, compiling LFS under Msys will
be BIG challenge.


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