simplified script for building a cross-compiler toolchain

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at
Mon Oct 31 09:51:02 PST 2005

  if anyone would find it useful, i've attached a script i wrote over
the last few days that represents a really stripped-down version of
crosstool.  its structure makes it, i think, easier to hack quickly if
you want to do something out of the ordinary.  it doesn't attempt to
duplicate crosstool's functionality, it's mostly for trying to build
chains out of really recent versions of GNU software.

  currently, i'm trying to build an SH3 toolchain, and i've run into
this problem:

so that's as far as i'm going with that set of software.

  in any event, feel free to play and let me know if you have any
suggestions for improvements or enhancements.


p.s.  and if you have a solution for that bug, i would *so* like to
chat. :-)
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