bash: /tools/bin/su: No such file or directory

Scott Loewen scott at
Sun Oct 30 21:20:53 PST 2005

Chris Staub wrote:

> You shouldn't be copying anything (except of course what the book says 
> su to /tools/bin). Yes, su should have "/tools" in those 
> paths. I was about to ask if you recompiled coreutils as the lfs user, 
> but then I remembered that you're in the chroot. If you've followed 
> the book's instructions, you wouldn't be able to install anything else 
> into /tools as the lfs user because you've changed ownership of that 
> directory to root. How exactly did you recompile coreutils? From 
> within the chroot, as root outside the chroot, or some other way?

I switched to a different console which by default is not chroot. I 
recreated the lfs user and rebuilt coreutils that way. I then 
<alt>-F1'ed to the chroot console and copied su from coreutils/src to 
/tools/bin. I had previously recompiled coreutils as root, but I'm 
pretty sure I deleted all the files/directories before recompiling as lfs.

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