pure64 library linking question

Ryan Twitchell tryan2stor at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 30 19:28:07 PST 2005

--- Ken Moffat <ken at linuxfromscratch.org> wrote:
>   Ouch!  X sounds like you are missing some of the three necessary 
> defines (check the lfs-dev archives from Friday).  But, you are
> clearly 
> well into BLFS territory - depending on what packages you choose to 
> build, in pure64 blfs you might be the first person who has tried
> them..

Thanks, I wish I'd caught those define statements earlier...
I've successfully compiled X, XFCE, Firefox, RealVNC, XScreensaver and
FreeGLUT along with all their dependencies. Right now, I consider that
to be a bit more luck than capability as most things actually compiled

>   You really need to identify where things started to go wrong.  At

... when I thought to myself, "gee. It'd be fun to try a purely 64-bit
system :P

> the 
> moment, all we can assume is that somewhere between the start of 
> building the final system, and X, lib64 appeared on the scene.  But,
> if 
> you have lib64 as a symlink to lib, everything will actually be put
> into 
> lib and probably work fine.  So, what persuaded you to make those
> /lib64 
> and /usr/lib64 symlinks ?

Oh, seeing things installed into /lib64 and panicing. I wanted to move
on and see if I could get the system stable. Now I consider it to have
been a sloppy move. I wish I'd stopped and figured out what the problem
had been.

>   Oh, and pure64 gcc is technically broken anyway, in that it can't
> 'make 
> bootstrap' without some editing to stop it using lib64 for temporary 
> tools ! (see my unofficial pure64 hint for how to fix that on
> gcc-3.4).
>   At the end of the day, if your system can build everything you want
> in 
> the blfs area, and build the cross-tools and temporary-system parts
> of 
> your next system, it's good enough in my opinion.

Good to hear. I think I'll let it stay the way it is for now. If I
rebuild or upgrade anything currently linked to the lib64 directories,
I'll make sure to get it right then.

>   My initial assumption, for references to lib64 in Cross-LFS
> x86_64-64, 
> is that the reader switched to the x86_64 (multilib) book.  However,
> I'm 
> willing to believe that some of the linkages in the book *might* be 
> wrong - on Friday I was fairly confused when I thought I was looking
> at 
> the multilib book to do some editing, and found myself in pure64. 
> Perhaps I just clicked on the wrong link in the overall index.html
> where 
> you can select which book you want to read.  Evidence of errors in
> the 
> book's linkages will be welcome.

I may go back and reference a thing or two, so I'll keep an eye out.


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