Kernel panic - not syncing. No init found.

Ken Moffat ken at
Fri Oct 28 15:05:31 PDT 2005

On Fri, 28 Oct 2005, Andreas Åberg wrote:

>>  What we know so far:
>> (i) hda3 does have a reiserfs filesystem.
>> (ii)the kernel isn't able to run either /sbin/init or /bin/bash on hda3.
>> 1. When you mount hda3 at /mnt/lfs on the host system, do
>> /mnt/lfs/sbin/init and /mnt/lfs/bin/bash exist ?  If they don't, is
>> the directory structure garbled (e.g. /mnt/lfs/something/bin/bash
>> exists), or is it the wrong partition ?
>> 2. If they do exist, when you chroot to /mnt/lfs, can you then run
>> /bin/bash ?
>> Ken
> 1. Yes they exist.
> 2. Yes i can run /bin/bash, and everything else to.

  Odd. In that case, the primary suspect has to be a linking problem.
I'm no expert on how programs linked with uClibc ought to look, but what 
does 'ldd /bin/bash' show when you are inside chroot ?

  FWIW, if this was a /dev problem, I think you would get a different 
message, something like "unable to open initial console".  You do have 
console and null in /mnt/lfs/dev (before running udevstart in chroot), 
don't you ?

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