6.46 Gzip-1.3.5

Iman Darabi iman.darabi at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 06:33:40 PDT 2005

book version: lfs 6.1
after instaling the gzip we use some commands like :
ln -s gzip /bin/gunzip
ok , this command will make a symlink (/bin/gunzipz) to gzip command .
but /bin/gunzip is just a link and i think it means :
when i use gunzip command , the link starts gzip command .
now my question is :
 so if i use a gzip command to decompress some file it should work and
should decompress it .
(gzip sample.tar.gz) should work like gunzip , because gunzip is just
a symlink to gzip ;but it's not possible and i get error :
sample.tar.gz already has .gz suffix -- unchanged.

Are there some extra features in gzip or ln command ?

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