kraisorn Taoyad kraisorn_se at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 27 01:30:39 PDT 2005

hi everybody
     I have problem about expect-5.43.
  this is a procedure and error.
1. /mnt/lfs/source/tcl8.4.9# cd unix
2.                                     # ./configure --prefix=/tools
3.                                     # make && make install
4.                                     # cd ..
5.                                     # export TCLPATH='pwd'
                                        # ln -s tclsh8.4 /tools/bin/tclsh
in expect directory

1.  # ./configure --prefix=/tools --with-tcl=/tools/lib \
         --with-tclinclude=$TCLPATH --with-x-no
show this error

Checking for Tcl private headers... configure: error : pwd directory doesn't 
private headers

help me please

thank you .

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