Grub Setup

Jedediah Klusman jk_ks02_w at
Tue Oct 25 19:53:29 PDT 2005

>From my understanding grub syntax for dectecting the neccisary files is root 
(hdn,m) where n is the dev, and m is the partition.  /dev/hda1 is my lfs 
partition.  However when i issue the command root (hd0,0) it come back with 
no such drive or device.  is this because the partition is mounted? any body 
else with this problem?  I had to shutdown after i had completed the build 
up to the end of the bootscripts chapter, the next step was build kernel 
which i did when i repowered a couple weeks later.  Before i  continued i 
set the $LFS enviroment, mount -t ext2 /dev/hda1 $LFS, and then followed the 
CHROOT that said i was suppose to use at the end of the second phase 

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