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Mon Oct 17 01:32:05 PDT 2005

On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 09:47 +0200, Tor Olav Stava wrote:
> Mark wrote:
> <snip>
> > Does this mean that I can't cross compile for my i586 on my i686
> > machine????
> Of course you can! But how... ;)
> > I was looking at the LFS 7.0-cross-lfs but wasn't following it since I
> > wanted HLFS features.
> Seems we're in the same boat here. I'm running several AMD i686 with 
> LFS, and got three i586 lying around that could be put to use. Have been 
> looking at both the crosscompiling x86 hint and Cross-LFS, but of course 
> that's mostly geared toward LFS and not HLFS, which I want for my firewall.
> I already started a normal HLFS build, as it seemed it already 
> incorporated cross-compiling with the 'target' variable set with 'uname 
> -m' (I think). But I'm afraid I've misunderstood. Please correct me if 
> I'm way out of reality here.. ;)
> > Suggestions on the best path?
> Well, probably the hard path. :) I'll try starting cross-compiling HLFS 
> for i586 now, having to check the mentioned hint and Cross-LFS as I go, 
> and do my best to incorporate the commands there.
> I would really appreciate if you could report on your success and/or 
> failures on this subject.
> Sincerely
> Tor Olav Stava
what about the uname kernel hack?
I have modyfied the old (2.4.x) source to work with 2.6.x
(see arrachment)

CUH Rainer Peter Feller
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