Cross compile for an i586

Tor Olav Stava t-ol-sta at
Mon Oct 17 00:47:13 PDT 2005

Mark wrote:
> Does this mean that I can't cross compile for my i586 on my i686
> machine????

Of course you can! But how... ;)

> I was looking at the LFS 7.0-cross-lfs but wasn't following it since I
> wanted HLFS features.

Seems we're in the same boat here. I'm running several AMD i686 with 
LFS, and got three i586 lying around that could be put to use. Have been 
looking at both the crosscompiling x86 hint and Cross-LFS, but of course 
that's mostly geared toward LFS and not HLFS, which I want for my firewall.
I already started a normal HLFS build, as it seemed it already 
incorporated cross-compiling with the 'target' variable set with 'uname 
-m' (I think). But I'm afraid I've misunderstood. Please correct me if 
I'm way out of reality here.. ;)

> Suggestions on the best path?

Well, probably the hard path. :) I'll try starting cross-compiling HLFS 
for i586 now, having to check the mentioned hint and Cross-LFS as I go, 
and do my best to incorporate the commands there.

I would really appreciate if you could report on your success and/or 
failures on this subject.

Tor Olav Stava

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