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MATTHEW STAVERT staverts at shaw.ca
Sun Oct 16 14:02:46 PDT 2005

Hi there all, I am about to enter into the wonderful world of LFS, I have been looking at it for quite some time now, and decided it will meet some of my furture goals.

A little history, before I get into my question.  I started with red hat linux around 1997, then later moved to mandrake.  I liked those distro's at first, but as most linux users do over time, I found the RPM system put me in dependency hell, and found distro's such as redhat and mandrake too bloated.  Later, I had the wonderful opportunity of finding debian linux, installed it, and have been a deb fan ever since.  Distros installed and tried to date= Pure deb, Xandros, linspire, DSL, Suse, Yellowdog, BSD etc.  I am very comfortable with the command line, and can fix most of my problems, but there is still SO, SO much to learn, and I really want to learn from thr LFS community.  

I practiced building some customized knoppix live cd's for myself, but now I want to build my own distro from scratch, so I have a few questions first:

1.  I went through the LFS manual, as a primer before I started, my question is, once I have built my system, are there people out there that have built there own install scripts for thier distro, I will be honest, I have no experiance with this.  Are there people in the LFS commnunijty who have exmaples I could follow if I want to distribute my new LFS distro? (I want to learfn and evolve)

2. Is it easy to incorporate the apt system, are there people in the LFS community who have step by step exmaples :)  I would be very intrested in incorporatring the apt system.  

3.  When I buid my LFS distro, do I have to build my File system in a way that will follow the Debian Filesystem, if I want to incorporate apt into my distro?  If so, are there exmaples from peopple who have done this, and know the way I must lay out the firesystem?  

Thank-you so much in advance, I am so excited!!!  I plan to start as soon as possible, and give myself as much time as needed.


Matt Stavert

Matt Stavert
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