Installing Binutils (5.3.1)

Mike Clawson mclawson at
Fri Oct 14 07:55:08 PDT 2005

> Thank You for your prompt response. I will follow your
> suggestion because it makes the most sense. This is
> what I originally thought was supposed to be the way
> to do it. But, the reason I untarred the Binutils
> package outside the $LFS/source directory is because
> of the statement in Ch5, "The Binutils documentation
> recommends building Binutils outside the source
> directory in a dedicated directory:".
> Perhaps I read it wrong. Thank You.

The source directory referenced in the quote above is
referring to the binutils- directory
created when the archive is untarred.  The LFS solution
to "building Binutils outside the source directory" is
to build it in the binutils-build directory.  That is
what this statement means; it is not referring to the
$LFS/source directory or anything like that.


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