Installing Binutils (5.3.1)

Seth Turner sethturner at
Fri Oct 14 04:39:34 PDT 2005

On Thu, 13 Oct 2005, Melvin Poindexter wrote:

>1) What is the current working directory when
>executing 'mkdir ../binutils-build'?
For each package you install, you must unpack the archive. This will 
create a source directory. You must then cd into the newly created 
source directory. In your case. You would have the archive in 
$LFS/sources. When you unpack it, you will get a directory called 
You need to be in this directory when you execute the mkdir 
../binutils-build command. This will place the build directory right 
along side binutils- under $LFS/sources.

>2) Which user should I be logged in as when executing
>these commands? lfs or root?
At this point in the game, you need to be logged in as lfs. If you 
recall, lfs has ownership of only two directories: $LFS/tools and 
$LFS/sources. If you are $LFS/sources when you try the mkdir 
../binutils-build from question 1, it would be trying to make the 
binutils-build directory in / (where lfs does not have ownership) this 
is why you were getting a permission denied.

>Chapter 5.3.1 is unclear to me. Ch. 4 left off
>sourcing the newly created .bash_profile while logged
>in as LFS (current dir: '/home/lfs'). If I continue
>logged in as LFS in Ch.5, then I cannot create the 
>'../binutils-build' directory. Permission Denied.
See above. I got ahead of myself ;)

>I am able to follow the commands in 5.3.1 while logged
>in a root, however. But doesn't the environment
>interfere with Binutils installation while logged in
>as root?
Again, being in the right directory will solve your problem. You will be 
able to do everything you need to as user lfs.

>Also simply using the command 'configure' (as in
>'../binultils-') does not
>work. I must cd into the '/binutils-' as
>root and type it as './configure'. Again, doing this
>as user lfs yields the error './configure: line 436:
>./config.log: Permission Denied'.
This part I am not 100% sure on. Try it over again with the suggestions 
above and perhaps this error will be solved in the process, if not, let 
us know!

I hope some or all of this has been useful. Enjoy your build.

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