Installing Binutils (5.3.1)

Lennon Cook maguswizardo at
Thu Oct 13 23:39:27 PDT 2005

Melvin Poindexter wrote:
> 1) What is the current working directory when
> executing 'mkdir ../binutils-build'?
The top directory in the binutils source tree.

> 2) Which user should I be logged in as when executing
> these commands? lfs or root?

> I am able to follow the commands in 5.3.1 while logged
> in a root, however. But doesn't the environment
> interfere with Binutils installation while logged in
> as root?
Other way around - root can unintentionally interfere with the
in-place system (by making a mistake, or , and cause problems. Running
as the unpriveledged LFS user, anything that would cause this will
fail hard.

> Also simply using the command 'configure' (as in
> '../binultils-') does not
> work. I must cd into the '/binutils-' as
> root and type it as './configure'. Again, doing this
> as user lfs yields the error './configure: line 436:
> ./config.log: Permission Denied'.
This sounds like you unpacked the binutils source as root: you should
unpack it as the user you're going to compile it with.

Lennon Victor Cook

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