large file support

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Wed Oct 12 06:22:33 PDT 2005

Torsten Vollmann wrote:
> Hi.
> I want to enable support for filesizes greater than 2GB on my LFS 6.1 system. 
> The information I googled up seems rather old (talking bout 2.4 kernel and 
> old glibc) or just doesn't help (just listing the possibilities). What I 
> figured out till now is that support is there in general, but has to be 
> enabled by compiler flags at installation.
> Can anyone please hit me with a hint (or a link for starters) ?
> I have an rar-archive consisting of several ~1 GB files and want to unrar it 
> resulting in an ~7GB file...

What's the problem with large files? Do you have enough diskspace? LFS shouldn't have any problems with large files. I often record films or TV shows and the file can grow to 3 or 4 Gb. I've downloaded linux DVD iso's and burnt them to disk, they booted fine. Some old applications may still have a problem with large files but there's no problem in principle. when I tar up and LFS partition the resulting tar.bz2 can get to nearly a 900Mb and expand to about 2.3Gb when uncompressed.

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