is LFS LSB compliant?

Andrew Benton b3nt at
Sun Oct 9 01:52:45 PDT 2005

Jaqui Greenlees wrote: 
> but, 70% of people using windows will never look at
> linux, as long as they cannot use macromedia's stuff,
> adobe's stuff, even ms office.

People who use windows and rely on propitiatory software from Adobe and Macromedia are unlikely to successfully complete Linux From Scratch

> but, if macromedia, adobe, autodesk don't support
> linux, then it won't get the mainstream chance.
> and if there is not a base standard followed by all
> distros, the commercial support won't happen.
> as much as we like our free os, and the ability to
> make it the way we want, the commercial support is
> what is needed to get linux mainstream desktop, not
> just server.

Commercial software is closed source. How would we benefit if Linux became a clone of Windows with everyone using closed source, propitiatory software?

> unrequested attachments are spam.

Not always. Sometimes some interesting patches arrive as unexpected attachments

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