is LFS LSB compliant?

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Sun Oct 9 00:02:38 PDT 2005

--- Nick Matteo <kundor at> wrote:

> Macromedia has to do no such thing.  All they have
> to do for their code to run 
> everywhere is release their source.
> If they aren't willing to do that, there's a heck of
> a lot more hassle to 
> install their hidden, uncheckable, unfree program,
> which is as it should be.  
> I see no reason for us to go out of our way to make
> it easier for others to 
> take away our freedoms.

but, 70% of people using windows will never look at
linux, as long as they cannot use macromedia's stuff,
adobe's stuff, even ms office.

personally, I won't even support flash plugins on my
system(s) [ or any other clientside scripting ]
you couldn't pay me enough to use adobe's photoshop or
illistrator. with tools as powerfull as vi(m), who
need ms office?

I would like to see linux as a mainstream desktop os,
just to increase the number of non ms shops around for
jobs. :)
but, if macromedia, adobe, autodesk don't support
linux, then it won't get the mainstream chance.
and if there is not a base standard followed by all
distros, the commercial support won't happen.

Autdesk just bought Alias-Wavefront.
give it a year, no more Maya for linux, no more Alias
Studio tools for linux. leaving only softimage xsi for
professional quality cg work for the film industry on
linux. yet the rendering apps by most companies work
on linux, even autodesk supports linux as a server.
( discreet's* combustion, and smoke are examples,
particle flow rendering toold for 3D Studio Max, a
windows only cg app )

* Autodesk bought discreet a couple of years ago.

as much as we like our free os, and the ability to
make it the way we want, the commercial support is
what is needed to get linux mainstream desktop, not
just server.


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