Step 6.11 - Glibc - tst-rwlock6 error

Jon Fullmer jon at
Thu Oct 6 17:20:52 PDT 2005

I'm sorry, I didn't mention that, did I?  I did NOT disable NTP at any time.
I made no changes to the system.  I followed the procedure that I outlined

 - Jon

on 10/6/05 6:14 PM, Dan Nicholson at dbn.lists at wrote:

> On 10/6/05, Jon Fullmer <jon at> wrote:
>> Hmm... That's a possibility, as I am running NTP.  Here's what I did,
>> though:
>>  - I created a new build directory - glibc2-build
>>  - As I already applied the patch in the source, I didn't do it again
>>  - I ran the configure
>>  - I ran the make
>>  - I did another make check
>> This time, it finished.  No errors.
> So you did shut off ntpd, or not?  If so, I think it may be worthwhile
> to add to the glibc page that running ntpd may cause false errors in
> the glibc testsuite.
> Dan

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