couple questions about building cross-compile toolchain

Jim Gifford lfs at
Mon Oct 3 07:41:45 PDT 2005

Robert P. J. Day wrote:

>  first, crosstool doesn't use "--with-lib-path" but *does* use
>"--with-sysroot".  does that second option subsume the first in terms
>of the library search path?
The reason we use --with-lib-path it controls where to put the 
libraries, --with-sysroot is tell the build that this directory is 
should be considerd as your root. Eventually our goal in Cross-LFS is to 
do an entire build with sysroot, but right now there are few packages 
that don't use sysroot and have to be patched.

>  also, crosstool doesn't use "--enable-shared" when configuring
>binutils.  what's the significance of that?  clearly, since crosstool
>does build a working toolchain, that option can't be essential.
>thanks for any info.
We build a dynamic toolchain, while crosstool builds a static toolchain.

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