error compiling binutils pass 1

Albert albertwagner at
Sun Oct 2 08:25:23 PDT 2005

Mike Clawson wrote:
> I've been able to build an LFS 6.1 on an LFS 5.0 system without
> too much trouble.  I had to update the kernel (as per the book),
> and at some point I had some fatal errors (I think while building
> the tools, but I might be misremembering).  I just checked the
> versions on the host software for the packages listed at the top
> of the page as dependencies for the package that crashed, and
> updated them if they were really old.  I think texinfo was the
> main problem, but, again, I might be misremembering.  It was
> only a small number of packages that had to be rebuilt on the
> host system; the aggravation consisted more of figuring out what
> the problem was than actually solving it once discovered.
> Just in case, I rebuilt an LFS 6.1 from within the new LFS 6.1,
> but I now have the build process fully automated.  You might not
> want to take it that far :)
You are much braver than I.  I keep my LFS 5.0 untouched as it is 
the only one that I currently fully trust.

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