ch. 6.14: GCC-3.4.4 `make -k check' and coreutils dummy failure

Roel Kluin rjckluin at
Thu Jun 30 10:48:35 PDT 2005


>  That is your problem - this file is dated in the future, which causes
>acl.c to be remade, only as user 'dummy' you lack permission.

Ok I somehow overlooked that. The change in time is due to the fact that
when I had to choose a timezone I found out that the date of my computer
was wrong. I had it one day ahead. I changed it. Is this problem so severe
that I have to restart from scratch? And is there maybe a way to overcome
this error?

>  This is the testing book ?  Did you change the versions of any
>packages ?

yes, no

>  Which kernel are you running, and from which distro if you didn't
>compile it yourself ?

its 2.6.12, I compiled it myself


thank you very much,


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