Fail to create 'binutils-build' directory

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Wed Jun 29 00:39:05 PDT 2005

On 6/29/05, Stephen Liu <satimis at> wrote:

> However I still don't understand how following 3
> hidden files exist on host FC3

The Stage 1 (Chapter 5) building of LFS compiles and *installs*
several packages that already exist on you FC3 host system. In order
to prevent the possibility of damaging your host system, you are
directed to create the LFS user (on your host system), and use this
user to compile and install the software. Because the LFS user does
not have permissions on your host system, you can't accidentally
overwrite important components of your host system.

The three "hidden" files are part of the login environment of the LFS
user, which is created in the host system, so the files should appear
where they are.

Once you start Chapter 6, you will be using the chroot command to
create an environment that will also protect your host system,
although this time you will be the root user.

Given the scope of your recent questions, I strongly suggest you
should at a minimum view the Recommended Reading section of the LFS
book, and read the documents referenced there - that way you will have
a better understanding of the commands you are asked to run while
building LFS.

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Steve Crosby

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