Question on directory created

Stephen Liu satimis at
Sun Jun 26 21:22:24 PDT 2005

Hi Steve,

- snip -

> try the following and see if the output is correct.
> If not, you need
> to go back some steps and confirm you followed the
> instructions
> correctly regarding the LFS variable.
> echo $LFS
> should produce
> /mnt/LFS

# echo $LFS
Empty printout

# echo LFS

Whether to remove following entry from /etc/fstab
/dev/hda6    /mnt/lfs    ext3    defaults   1 2

and restart from
2.4. Mounting the New Partition


> In answer to the specific question, a+wt is an
> option that is passed
> to the chmod command - specifcally, to add the w
> (write) and t (sticky
> bit) attributes to a (all = user, group and other).
> man chmod will
> give you more information

Noted with thanks


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