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Sun Jun 26 20:59:54 PDT 2005

On 6/27/05, Stephen Liu <satimis at> wrote:
> Whether jumping to following section;
> 3. Packages and Patches
> to run
> # mkdir /mnt/$LFS/sources
> # chmod a+wt /mnt/$LFS/sources
> (what is the flag'a+wt'?  Is it timestamp?)

First, the command shown in the URL is as follows:

  mkdir $LFS/sources

you should not have the /mnt/$LFS/sources as you have typed.

The $LFS is a variable that you should have set to equal /mnt/LFS -
try the following and see if the output is correct. If not, you need
to go back some steps and confirm you followed the instructions
correctly regarding the LFS variable.

echo $LFS

should produce


In answer to the specific question, a+wt is an option that is passed
to the chmod command - specifcally, to add the w (write) and t (sticky
bit) attributes to a (all = user, group and other). man chmod will
give you more information.

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Steve Crosby

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