The LFS v6.0 Makefile is almost complete!

Kevin M. Jordan kmj7777 at
Wed Jun 22 09:43:51 PDT 2005

		* Bobby Black <bobbyjayblack at> [2005-06-16 01:45]:
		> What can I do to help?
		> Revise the whole document and email me the revision with
		> after each line.
		By now you'll probably be aware of this, but anyway: you
can't do stuff
		like this:
		   cd /src
		   tar -jxvf binutils-
		In a makefile each line is executed by a different subshell,
so the cd
		to /src won't affect the next line.

Yeah, unless you do it as a whole bunch of &&'s then it won't work.
However, the su and chroot commands definitely won't work in a single
makefile like that.  You'll have to specify su and chroot to execute some
new makefile so that when it enters the new environment, those will be
executed, otherwise I believe nothing after that will execute until the
chroot or su environment is exited.

Kevin Jordan <kmj7777 at>
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