Ch 5.10 Expect in SVN-20050621

Speek speek at
Tue Jun 21 14:04:10 PDT 2005

Brad wrote:
> I had the same problem as you (and I followed the book to the letter) with a
> slightly older book from like June 15 (or something close to that).  Anyway,
> the file is in the src/generics directory.
> If you poke around in the configure script there is a command line option to
> specify the include directory (something like
> --with-tclinclude=/mnt/lfs/sources/tcl-xxxxxx).  You can specify the base of
> your source tree.  I'm at work now and don't have the exact command I used on
> my home system.  If this doesn't help or nobody provides a better solution, I
> can post my configure command when I get home tonight.

I've poked around in the configure script, but can't find such an
option. I would be grateful if you could post your configure command.



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