Advice wanted: building a Linux audio/music station on LFS

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Tue Jun 21 05:12:58 PDT 2005

Quoting Jeremy Henty <jeremy at>:

> Hi folks, I was wondering if any of you had tips on building an LFS
> system for serious music/audio composing/editing work.  I'll also be
> pinging alsa-dev etc. for help but I'd appreciate your input too.  I'm
> a long-time happy LFS 4.1 user and I've already decided the next
> system will be LFS 6.x come what may.  I'll be getting new hardware so
> I am free to choose whatver sound card etc. is best supported.
> My cunning plan is:
>  * buy the hardware 
>  * boot off Knoppix 3.6 
>  * build LFS 6.1 
>  * install the sound infrastructure:
>    alsa, jack, timidity (if necessary) 
>  * install utilities: 
>    probably seq24, muse, etc., etc. 
>  * ??? 
>  * Profit!  (Or settle for fun!)  
> Pitfalls I see are getting hardware that is fully supported and
> getting the low-latency and realtime stuff working in 2.6 .  2.6.12
> has merged the realtime rlimits parches, so I plan to go with that
> (bleeding edge I know, but I'd like to get the official solution
> working if at all possible).  There have also been issues with NPTL,
> though I don't know is that's still a problem.
> Finally, I want surround-sound.  I'm looking forward to crapping my
> pants in terror inside Doom 3.
> Thanks in advance for any help, 
> Jeremy
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Hi Jeremy,

Something I did was put all my audio programs and utilities in /opt/multimedia. 
These multimedia utilities get updated quite frequently and I didn't want 
to 'taint' my core LFS.
I took me a bit to get it right. But at the same time it got me one step (or 
maybe even a few) up the linux specialist ladder. In the end it turned out not 
too difficult actually. Resent ./configures are quite a lot 'smarter' with 
their search for dependencies. Only in one instance did I really have to change 
a header file manually. Otherwise I just got around by adding -
L/opt/multimedia/libs and -I/opt/multimedia/include to the compile options 
LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS respectively.
In the /etc/profile.d directory I added a file that 
adds /opt/multimedia/bin to PATH and /opt/multimedia/lib/pkgconfig to 
PKGCONFIGPATH I also added /opt/multimedia/lib to /etc/ 

All my audio programs work just fine. 

Maybe something you might consider



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