Advice wanted: building a Linux audio/music station on LFS

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue Jun 21 03:02:16 PDT 2005

Jeremy Henty wrote:
> Hi folks, I was wondering if any of you had tips on building an LFS
> system for serious music/audio composing/editing work.  I'll also be
> pinging alsa-dev etc. for help but I'd appreciate your input too.  I'm
> a long-time happy LFS 4.1 user and I've already decided the next
> system will be LFS 6.x come what may.  I'll be getting new hardware so
> I am free to choose whatver sound card etc. is best supported.
> My cunning plan is:
>  * buy the hardware 
>  * boot off Knoppix 3.6 

Why boot off Knoppix when there's a livecd made just for building LFS?  :)

And there's a livecd mailing list:
livecd AT

When LFS 6.1 is released, we'll release a new and improved livecd as well...


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