Advice wanted: building a Linux audio/music station on LFS

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Mon Jun 20 20:21:07 PDT 2005

That's great hear that you're into a principally audio box.  I'm new to
LFS (in fact, I'm only just getting to the point of booting it up for the
first time-- except for one very mysterious problem; see 'missing
uppercase [B] in chroot environment' posting if you're interested.)  My
main reason for learning LFS is that, besides the general hacking and,
hopefully, ultimate control I'll gain, I really want to develop a distro
that centers around the already powerful audio tools available from our
ever-lovin' OS.  I've done lots of diddling with other, large footprint,
distros and have decided  to work on something a little more streamlined
or, at least, specialized.  I'd love to get a better grip on the sound
infrastructure and would be happy to bounce ideas back and forth with you.
 As far as just all around general advice, however, I think I might be in
the same boat as you.  Until I get this thing really up and running, I
won't be much help-- especially if I've got no 'B.'

Looks like a great plan and I hope you can keep folks updated as to your


> Hi folks, I was wondering if any of you had tips on building an LFS
> system for serious music/audio composing/editing work.  I'll also be
> pinging alsa-dev etc. for help but I'd appreciate your input too.  I'm
> a long-time happy LFS 4.1 user and I've already decided the next
> system will be LFS 6.x come what may.  I'll be getting new hardware so
> I am free to choose whatver sound card etc. is best supported.
> My cunning plan is:
>  * buy the hardware
>  * boot off Knoppix 3.6
>  * build LFS 6.1
>  * install the sound infrastructure:
>    alsa, jack, timidity (if necessary)
>  * install utilities:
>    probably seq24, muse, etc., etc.
>  * ???
>  * Profit!  (Or settle for fun!)
> Pitfalls I see are getting hardware that is fully supported and
> getting the low-latency and realtime stuff working in 2.6 .  2.6.12
> has merged the realtime rlimits parches, so I plan to go with that
> (bleeding edge I know, but I'd like to get the official solution
> working if at all possible).  There have also been issues with NPTL,
> though I don't know is that's still a problem.
> Finally, I want surround-sound.  I'm looking forward to crapping my
> pants in terror inside Doom 3.
> Thanks in advance for any help,
> Jeremy
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