Error 23: Error while parsing number - I am trying to set up grub to boot from /dev/sda1

rblythe rblythe714 at
Mon Jun 20 17:40:24 PDT 2005

After copying LFS from /dev/hda4 to /dev/sda1 I realized I need to compile 
SCSI support into the kernel.  After  successfully (no errors) doing that, I 
wanted to set up grub to allow me to boot from /dev/hda1 (Mepis), /dev/hda4 
(first LFS build) or /dev/sda1 (copy of 1st LFS build).

I chrooted into the environment before compiling the kernel
compiled the new kernel on /dev/sda1
followed all the steps in LFS 6.0 (make menuconfig, make, make 
modules_install) then moved on to the grub setup.  After typing grub I did 
the following at the grub> prompt:
root (sda0,0)

and the system returned:

Error 23: Error while parsing number.  My questions are:

1) Is there a place that I can find out what this error code (and others) mean 
so I can try to figure things out before asking everyone?

2) Is there something special about SCSI hard drives I should know in order to 
boot from them? (I did compile everything into the kernel that mentioned 

3) How do I fix this?


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