Building LFS on x86_64

Klaus Dimde klaus at
Sat Jun 18 04:20:21 PDT 2005

Hi there,

with your help on this list and some hints in the net I managed it to build 
lfs in a x86_64 environment. Everything works quite fine. My only problem is, 
that I used some quite dirty hacks to get it done. For example I symlinked 
the /lib to the /lib64 directory and had to use the --withot-multilib option 
while building the binutils and c-compiler. 

The last point results in not having a cross-compiler to build normal i386 
code wich is used for grub and some other projects. I just wanted to know if 
someone built lfs on a x86_64-System without these hacks. Perhaps in future 
versions of the lfs book there could be some additional hints for doing this 
(just a suggestion).

Anyway, have a nice day and enjoy doing linux the "hunter-gatherer"-way 



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