LFS in a USB flash drive/memory stick

DJ Lucas dj at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Jun 16 22:28:13 PDT 2005

Roberto Perpuly wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anyone put their LFS in a USB flash drive/memory stick? I am trying to do so but I am stuck in one place.  Here's what I have done.
> 1.) Wiped out all partitions on my USB drive and made 1 FAT partition using the command


> default linux
> prompt 1
> timeout 600
> display boot.msg
> label linux
>   kernel vmlinuz root=/dev/sdb1 init=/sbin/init
> 6.) Restarted my machine, and the USB boot seems to do fine.  The kernel is unpacked and finds all sorts of devices on my computer.  However, I get the following error:
> Cannot find init. Try Passing an init= option to the kernel.
> Any ideas on how to troubleshoot?
> RP

I can only use the swag method here, but I'd be willing to bet the
problem lies in your choice of root filesystem.  The kernel is looking
for /sbin/init, not /SBIN/INIT or /Sbin/Init.  This is only a guess, I
don't really know.  I don't have a vfat to test with right now, but you
might want to mount it again from the host and take a look at the
directory structure.  IIRC, case is not preserved if filenames have less
than 8 characters, but I could be wrong completely.

-- DJ Lucas

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