The LFS v6.0 Makefile is almost complete!

Bobby Black bobbyjayblack at
Wed Jun 15 14:50:21 PDT 2005

Hello! My name is Bobby Black. I spent 8 hours on June 15, 2005
typing/cutting/pasting the LFS v6.0 stable online guide into a working

What is the LFS v6.0 Makefile?
It's a colaberation of all the commands typed through the LFS process
to make an operating LFS system.

So, when will it be complete?
Well, it has already been typed, but alas! I am too tired to double
check it right now. I am sure there a lot of errors/mistypes (100 or

What can I do to help?
Revise the whole document and email me the revision with #corrections
after each line.

Where can I get the makefile?

What is your email?
BobbyJayBlack at

Thank you,
Bobby Black

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