Can LFS be copied from 1 hard drive to another after the build?

Jeremy Henty jeremy at
Wed Jun 15 06:22:03 PDT 2005

On Wed, Jun 15, 2005 at 08:12:30PM +1200, Steve Crosby wrote:

> > Rsync is cool if you have installed it.  Mount the empty partition on
> > /mnt/lfs-new and run:
> > 
> >     rsync -a /mnt/lfs/ /mnt/lfs-new
> > 
> > (NB: the trailing slash on /mnt/lfs/ is important, don't leave it
> > out!)
> Just as a note for the unwary - make sure you don't have proc,
> sysfs, dev et al mounted in /mnt/lfs when you create the tarball or
> copy the files to the new partition ;)

D'oh!  "rsync -ax" won't recurse into mount points so that's safer.
/dev is OK if it's a regular file system, "rsync -a" handles device
nodes fine.  If you're using devfs/udev it's probably a different

For real peace of mind, boot off a Knoppix Live CD or similar, mount
both the old and new partitions to temporary directories and rsync
them.  Now you *know* exactly what you're copying.  Works for /
partitions too!


Jeremy Henty 

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