patches for tools?

Chakkaradeep C C chaks.lfs at
Tue Jun 14 12:56:17 PDT 2005

hi all,

after using lfs for a very much pleased with its i want to explore things...mainly bug fixes for each
version of the the patches provided with lfs (am using
lfs 6.0) makes the bugs fixed in that tool?.....or is that i can find
patches and patch them?...if so where can i find patches for the
tools,especially binutils,gcc and glibc.....this doubt arised in me
when i viewed some of the RPM SPEC files given by some major
distributions...gcc spec file had nearly 100 pathces and most of them
were pertaining to test failures which in lfs do occur.and so did
binutils and glibc SPEC at this juncture,how would lfs tell
that it's tools are bug free and it wont encounter any problems at
later stage?

binutils,gcc,glibc being the major tools,i think i would gather the
important patches for them,but am failing each time because am not
able to find a website giving out patch files :-(..

i would be very happy if people could help me..

with regards,

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