Any idea of this command?

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Fri Jun 10 14:27:30 PDT 2005

Chakkaradeep C C wrote:
> hi all,
> right now am writing RPM spec files for LFS 6.0,
> i would be very happy if someone could explain the sequential steps
> that "make -C ld install" will do in Adjusting The Toolchain
> chapter,like what it would do to link only against the libraries in
> /tools/lib.??

At the end of Binutils pass 1, the ld program is recompiled to link 
against libraries in /tools/lib with the commands `make -C ld clean' and 
'make -C ld LIB_PATH=/tools/lib`, but it is not installed then because 
those libraries don't yet exist. After glibc is installed into /tools, 
then the adjusted linker is installed with `make -C ld install`, because 
it has its new libraries to link against. This is done to maintain 
purity of the new toolchain.

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