Missing uppercase [B] in chroot environment

erik at crabgrassmusic.com erik at crabgrassmusic.com
Wed Jun 8 14:17:23 PDT 2005

In Chapter 7, 7.11. Creating the /etc/hosts File.

I've made it this far without a hitch, but all of a sudden I no longer
have an uppercase B in the chroot environment.  I believe it must've
happened somewhere between setting the locale and the Bash Shell Starup
files, though I can't find the problem.

[Shift]-[b] doesn't work, nor does [caps-lock].  With [caps-lock] on,
[shift]-[b], produces a lowercase b, as it should.

The host system is fine, but I can't even copy and paste an uppercase B.

Any suggestions are received with much thanks.

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