How do I get packages so I can start building LFS the way I want

Randy McMurchy randy at
Tue Jun 7 20:18:12 PDT 2005

rblythe wrote these words on 06/07/05 22:05 CST:
> I have been RTFM as well as other Linux resources, but I am still unsure how 
> how to get the packages so that I can build the system the way I want.
> 1) do I use my host system to download like I did when I got the initial 
> packages to start building the LFS system?

This is borderline between LFS and BLFS support, but because you
are trying to do something using a base LFS system, it is probably
not out of line posting here.

Your choices are this:

1. Use your host distro to download BLFS packages, boot into LFS
and build them (wget is a great start).

2. Use your host distro to download BLFS packages, chroot into
the LFS environment and build them.

3. Next time building LFS, already have the source tarballs for
BLFS packages you know you will need, and build them while still
in Chapter 6 LFS. Then, they will be available when you boot into

4. Do any of many other methods, including using a USB stick to
transfer source packages. It's kind of up to you to do it the
way you wish.

I don't really encounter this issue, as I have several PC's
available and can figure out some way to get source packages onto
a newly built LFS after it is booted, even for some systems I
build where I don't build anything but Chapter 6 specified

Wrapping up, if you have a virgin LFS system, built by the book,
and you've booted into this system and have no other PC available
to download and transfer source tarballs, you have no other
choice but to boot back into your host distro one more time.


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