Grub can't find my hard drive

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Sat Jun 4 14:14:01 PDT 2005

On Sat, 04 Jun 2005 16:30:36 -0400, Joel Miller wrote:

> curbyIII at wrote:
>> This is my first LFS system.  I have completed most of the 6.0 LFS book
>> but have hit a brick wall in section 8.4.  I am only a
>> beginner-intermediate Linux user so I will describe what I have done in
>> as much detail as I can (sorry if it's not relevant).
>> I currently have windows xp, but I want to dual boot with LFS.  I
>> partitioned my SATA hard drive (using partition magic) into 3
>> partitions:  windows (sda1), LFS (sda5), and swap (sda6).  I am using
>> Knoppix 3.7 to build the LFS system.  Everything went relatively
>> smoothly until I reached section 8.4.  I ran the grub shell and tried
>> root (           followed by a TAB but grub just displayed root (
>> without any other completions.  I tried
> <snip>
> I just want to comment that two other people have replied to you saying
> that you need to be sure that /dev is populated. I don't actually know if
> that is the right answer or not, but I suspect that it isn't true. If grub
> depended on /dev for tab completion, then how would it be able to do it
> when you go into the grub console when your system is booting? I think the
> answer lies somewhere else. Unfortunately, I don't know what the answer
> is.

Linux can use it just fine, which is why you are installing LFS right now. Your bios didn't recognize the drives on startup. Fix that. The reason why I was talking about dev not being populated because that is a common problem. Make sure the BIOS is finding them as GRUB depends on it.

William Harrington (Ratrophy)

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