LFS suddenly not working!

Chakkaradeep C C chaks.lfs at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 22:17:59 PDT 2005


thanks a lot Hatzim, your reply has given me several ideas. 

> Its a good idea to log every single package and a better idea to create
> binaries for every package,just in case something goes wrong.

hey, how do create log of binaries, is that i have to collect manually
the names of the binary being installed from each package?...
> All you have to do is to write some functions,eg..
> fetch,untar,log,create the binary,exit on error etc...

cool suggestion... :-)
> You dont need portage really,in anycase portage isnt anymore the pm it
> used to be one year before,if you really want a pm better use
> pacman instead,or the pm from crux which is my suggestion if you want to
> avoid all the job.

oh...point noted down Hatzim.
> But remember:You do it once,but stays for ever,and its...yours.

thats the whole idea in it!...

> With regards to Pmanagers,its only in our heads,really,the
> best pm i found is the human mind.

well said :-)

with regards,

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