Repartition question

Stephen Liu satimis at
Fri Jun 3 18:33:23 PDT 2005

Hi Chakkaradeep,

> > Google search brought me following URL
> >
> > I think the "Note" on this page will be relevent.
> you need not worry about e2fsprogs at this stage.
> Fedora Core-3 is a
> good base system to start with. When you build, you
> will learn many
> things. When i built LFS from FC-3 , i found only
> this to be a problem
> and nothing else. 

Noted with thanks

> Why dont you just give a start and
> then let us know
> your progress..

Yes, I will start soon after clarifying all points at
the beginning.  A good start will be quite important
rather than discovering problems in the middle.

Thanks again.


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