Repartition question

Stephen Liu satimis at
Fri Jun 3 18:28:27 PDT 2005

Hi Chakkaradeep,

Tks for your advice.

--- Chakkaradeep C C <chaks.lfs at> wrote:

> > > Since the box runs ext3 on all partitions before
> > > repartition.  Therefore I also made /dev/hda6
> > > and /dev/hda7 run on ext3.  
> you can build lfs in an ext3 doubt in
> that my friend.. :-) ..

Noed with thanks.

> for the mount point i would suggest comething like
> this,
> /boot      =100 MB
> swap     = 2 x RAM MB ( i.e; if 256 MB RAM,then
> choose swap for 512 MB)
> /            = 5120 MB
> /mnt/lfs  = 10120 MB 

Sorry I'm not quite clear on this point.  Whether you
suggest to further partitioning /dev/hd6 and create a
partition for /boot, swap, / and /mnt/lfs
respectively.  On FC3 box /boot /swap and / already
exist.  Please advise.  It is also my intention to
follow the LFS Instruction as I'm a newbei on LFS

> yeah, the e2fsprogs in Fedora Core 3 is newer than
> the one given with
> LFS , so while installing e2fsprogs , 

Noted with thanks.  Please see my reply to Ken.  

> please do
> download the latest
> version and pingo,you have your LFS system ready to
> boot!. I have
> built LFS using FC-3 and i found only e2fsprogs will
> cause problem.

If I run "yum update e2fsprogs".  It is still FC3
package.  Maybe I can get it from its website. 
However another question comes.  Can the latest
version work on FC3 withou conflict?



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