SVN-20050524 Errors in Make-3.80 and Module-Init-Tools-3.1

David Fix 6gwlse302 at
Wed Jun 1 15:56:15 PDT 2005

> -----Original Message-----
>  Dunno, the version of Make hasn't changed in quite a long 
> time, so you
> appear to be doing _something_ unusual (you can read that as "nobody
> else ever reported that problem, as far as I can remember").  
> Certainly,
> it passes all the tests for me from a variety of different hosts.

Hm.  Strange.  I installed it anyhow.  ;)

>  Now that seems to be normal!  My log from what I thought was going to
> be LFS-6.1 shows the exact same thing, followed closely by 
> the install,
> so I guess the build returned a status of zero despite this (odd, but
> I'm past caring about that).

Good good!  I ran the tests, and it tested just fine, so I figured it was ok
and installed it.  ;)


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